Law students can learn about family law by volunteering in our office for a semester, working with clients and going to court.

Lawyers can gain family law experience working in our office.

Students, retirees, seniors can help in our office, short-term or long-term. We always have tasks you can help with.  Please contact our volunteer coordinator for more information about the positions that are available


"I volunteered at the Family & Children's Law Center as a law student because I was surrounded by committed, talented, and inspiring people who are passionate about advocating for the rights of families and children. Each staff member brings his or her own unique expertise to the organization - I had the opportunity to learn not only about family and juvenile law but more importantly, how to apply this knowledge in a humane and sensitive way, always placing clients first. This is the strength of the Family & Children's Law Center - an unmatched commitment to serving the needs of those most in need."
- Johanna Kleppe, Attorney